4 Pics 2 Words Answers for Windows Phone

This post is made to provide help and a support community for the game 4 Pics 2 Words by Denham Software Solutions for Windows Phone.
You guess the two words by looking at four images. The game is simular to the popular 4 Pics 1 Word. The goal of the game is to complete all the levels with as many coins as possible.

Level 0: Dog House
Level 1: Red Eye
Level 2: Rat Race
Level 3: School Bus
Level 4: Pillow Fight
Level 5: Milk Jug
Level 6: Apple Pie
Level 7: Green Tea
Level 8: Sand Storm
Level 9: Sky Dive
Level 10: Roast Beef
Level 11: White Wine
Level 12: Nose Ring
Level 13: Toy Box
Level 14: Sea Salt
Level 15: Tie Dye
Level 16: Black Bear
Level 17: Bug Bite
Level 18: Butter Tart
Level 19: Tree House
Level 20: Wise Guys
Level 21: Shot Glass
Level 22: Jumping Jacks
Level 23: Table Tennis
Level 24: Couch Potato
Level 25: Star Wars
Level 26: Love Birds
Level 27: Movie Trailer
Level 28: Bean Bag
Level 29: Pile Up
Level 30: Farm Animal;
Level 31: Alarm Clock
Level 32: Bird Seed
Level 33: Box Office
Level 34: Gift Card
Level 35: Watch Dog
Level 36: Bed Head
Level 37: Red Tape
Level 38: Cold Sore
Level 39: Lamp Shade
Level 40: Light Switch
Level 41: Baby Talk
Level 42: Coffee Break
Level 43: Palm Beach
Level 44: Jungle Gym
Level 45: Phone Number
Level 46: Lunch Lady
Level 47: Cat Nap
Level 48: Party Animal
Level 49: Father Time
Level 50: Wet Suit
Level 51: Eye Drops
Level 52: Tie Game
Level 53: Egg Hunt
Level 54: Witch Doctor
Level 55: Hip Hop
Level 56: Flash Mob
Level 57: Pool Table
Level 58: Hit Song
Level 59: Tanning Bed
Level 60: Water Shoes
Level 61: Test Drive
Level 62: Pub Crawl
Level 63: Plan B
Level 64: House Arrest
Level 65: Dirty Dancing
Level 66: Truck Stop
Level 67: Turtle Shell
Level 68: Shaving Cream
Level 69: Zip Line
Level 70: Soap Dish
Level 71: Bucket List
Level 72: Lamp Post
Level 73: Pig Pen
Level 74: Pocket Watch
Level 75: High Five
Level 76: Bloody Nose
Level 77: Face Paint
Level 78: Bike Ride
Level 79: Bad Boy
Level 80: Wagon Wheel
Level 81: Book Worm
Level 82: Blind Spot
Level 83: Fish Tank
Level 84: Heat Wave
Level 85: Chicken Wing
Level 86: Board Game
Level 87: Traffic Light
Level 88: Bakers Dozen
Level 89: Trap Door
Level 90: Tail Feather
Level 91: Square Root
Level 92: Big Brother
Level 93: Blue Ribbon
Level 94: Cry Wolf
Level 95: Hat Trick
Level 96: Fall Down
Level 97: Iron Curtain
Level 98: Last Laugh
Level 99: Loose Cannon
Level 100: Back Hand
Level 101: Pigeon Hole
Level 102: Pipe Dream
Level 103: Pull Strings
Level 104: Dead Ringer
Level 105: Gas Pedals
Level 106: Smoking Gun
Level 107: Third Degree
Level 108: Leaf Blower
Level 109: Work Late
Level 110: Wooden Spoon
Level 111: Monkey Business
Level 112: Fast Food
Level 113: Touch Wood
Level 114: Dry Eyes
Level 115: Cash Flow
Level 116: Card Shark
Level 117: Two Faced
Level 118: Zoo Keeper
Level 119: Cough Syrup
Level 120: Fire Hose
Level 121: Pine Away
Level 122: Hang Out
Level 123: Wire Tap
Level 124: Open Sesame
Level 125: Bar Code
Level 126: Pop Tarts
Level 127: Clean Sweep
Level 128: Stomping Ground
Level 129: Taste Buds
Level 130: Leading Question
Level 131: Spring Break
Level 132: Yellow Pages
Level 133: Fashion Show
Level 134: Bottle Rocket
Level 135: Hockey Stick
Level 136: Outlet Mall
Level 137: Toilet Brush
Level 138: Tiger Lily
Level 139: Bank Safe
Level 140: Chain Reaction
Level 141: Coal Miner
Level 142: Snake Oil
Level 143: Prize Winner
Level 144: Size Chart
Level 145: Birthday Cake
Level 146: Machine Language
Level 147: Top Gear
Level 148: Fist Pump
Level 149: Wax Museum
Level 150: Purple Flower
Level 151: Window Shop
Level 152: Joint Pain
Level 153: New Mexico
Level 154: Mixing Bowl
Level 155: Dress Shirt
Level 156: Nail Polish
Level 157: Brown Rice
Level 158: Rubber Gloves
Level 159: State Map
Level 160: Hair Color
Level 161: Hard Copy
Level 162: Clay Pots
Level 163: Pick Axe
Level 164: Happy Easter
Level 165: Shut Up
Level 166: Book Club
Level 167: Train Ride
Level 168: Grass Hut
Level 169: Center Ice
Level 170: Banana Peel
Level 171: Free Parking
Level 172: Video Camera
Level 173: Web Design
Level 174: Night Terror
Level 175: Mouse Trap
Level 176: Lion King
Level 177: Slippery Slope
Level 178: Sleep Tight
Level 179: Boxer Briefs
Level 180: Duck Tape
Level 181: National Park
Level 182: Brain Surgery
Level 183: Stop Sign
Level 184: Street Fighter
Level 185: News Station
Level 186: Penalty Shot
Level 187: Water Balloon
Level 188: Think Tank
Level 189: Direct Flight
Level 190: Rain Coat
Level 191: Kitchen Sink
Level 192: Shoe Shine
Level 193: Hard Drive
Level 194: Knee Brace
Level 195: Pole Vault
Level 196: Punch Out
Level 197: Picture Frame
Level 198: Prime Time
Level 199: Windows Phone

Please feel free to leave a comment with description of the picture and the letters you can choose from + lenght of word.

Hopefully this post will be activ with questions and answers so you can find the answers you are looking for. Use the following command in your browser:

Keyboard browser shortcut:
Safari = Command (cmd) + F
Chrome = Control (Ctrl) + F
Firefox = Ctrl + F
IE = Ctrl + F

After using the shortcut key you can search for keywords associated with the pictures. In this way you can hopefully find the answer.

  • JSG

    Buck shot


    Level 5-12 first two pics are reindeer and a dollar bill and second two pics are guy playing pool table and guy shooting a basketball

  • Michael

    Video Camera

  • Michael

    It is Direct Flight

  • Michael

    Direct Flight

  • Michael

    Roast Beef

  • Michael

    Light Switch

  • Michael

    Shot Glass

  • Michael

    lunch lady

  • Michael

    Lamp Post

  • Michael

    dry eyes

  • Michael

    tie dye

  • ghyuio

    A solider a weird guy who looks like he is angry a glass of milk and glasses (the bottom word is glass but irk the 1st one!

  • hania khan

    plx tel me wats the answer of level 40!!!

  • Ron

    roast beef

  • Louise

    2 pictures of people around a camp fire with marshmallows and the other 2 pictures are of cows… The first word has 5 letters and the 2nd word is 4 letters… Help please……

  • hi

    I can’t get this one either!!! Help!!!

  • Lisa

    Level 46 brown paper bag, clock, lady, ladybug

  • ellie

    On level15 and i dont no what it is its 3letters on the top and 3 letters on the bottom and the pics are 2 differnet hair and a boy tieing shoes and a tie that you wear on a wedding day

  • Rohit

    Level 10

  • ……..

    I think second word is eye


    level 114: dry leaves and the desert and tea bags on eyes and covered eyes. letters are
    E E Y N Y H X L C R S D E O Q R

  • CTWD

    189 has took me ages. 2 people with mega phones and the a plane and an eagle. I think the second word is flight

  • PC

    Farm Animal

  • PC

    Wise Guys

  • PC

    Box Office

  • PC

    Wise Guys

  • PC


  • PC

    Cold Sore

  • PC

    Plan B

  • blue

    state map

  • Krit

    1st pic is a worm n a lil duck 2nd a women cutting onions n cut up orka

  • Krit

    I have a hairy worm n a lil duck on the first pic on the second is a women cutting onions n cut up food help pls

  • Bob

    Got teh smae oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • mel

    Level 63
    two pics on top ones a map the other is a blueprint of a house bottom two pics ones a bee the other is the honeycomb first word 4 letters last word one which is B…..help please

  • Andy Ngoda Musalia

    i need help for level 38. both words should be four letters. top pics include 3 brown muffins and some character made of snow while the lower pics comprise of a girl holsing her shoulder as if in pain and the other a woman holding her neck as if in pain::::::::::::::::: clue letters include Q, D, C, L, O, A, S, N, O, R, V, J, R, E, N, T

  • Lady Lou

    Guy screaming on a mega phone and flying?

  • Bee

    outlet mall. this one took me forever too

  • nagakushal

    4 pics 2 words level 124-first two pics answer OPEN.
    second two pics seems grains, leaves-answer with six letter – – s – – –
    left letters Z A M T E S M G E Z A(excluding above letter s)-Please help me.

  • nagakushal

    4 pics 2 words level 124-first two pics answer OPEN.
    second two pics seems grains, leaves-answer with six letter – – s – – –
    left letters Z A M T E S M G Z A(excluding above letter s)-Please help me.

  • sandra s

    level 159 on 4 pics 2 words – looks like 4 different maps

  • Hizenburg

    Level 20.. an owl, the three kings of Bethlehem, a hockey team and some sort of group photo..
    Letters: G I Y Y W P U P S A K L E X U

  • cathryn1991

    Its stomping ground :)

  • cathryn1991

    IM stuck on this one now, 2nd word is ground but in stuck on the 1st work :/

  • cathryn1991

    Wise guys

  • Cathy Hightower

    level 9-9, letters are B,D,E,H,I,N,O,O,P,R,R,S,T,W,W, first word has 6 letters, second has 4. 1st 2 pics are a woman holding a teddy up while laying on a bed and a man driving, 2nd pics are woodworking tools and sunflowers. Help please

  • Raul

    The top images are boxes, the other two are a group of three people each pic… 3 letters and 6 letters, I figure out that the first word is box*, no clue what is the other one

  • Bita

    Woman in a white dress, woman at a disco, black purse, blue sapphire diamond. Two words 12 letters

  • Jessica

    Level 20. First pic Graduating Owl, second Guys in a Desert third Hockey players, fourth Group of Men. G I Y Y W P U P S A K L E X U S

  • Sammie

    Tanning Bed

  • shrinidhi gopinath

    Its shut up

  • 172

    I need help to level 172 first word..sorry my bad English. I hope you understand..

  • bevo

    Eurgh!!!! Lol thanks Aaron

  • sonttu

    Suzy:Outlet mall

  • sherry

    4 pics 2 word –59 level
    first 2 pics–legs of a girl who is laying on the beach. and face of a girl on the beach
    second 2 pics–beds on both the pics
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    BED bt i didnt guess the first and letters are–H N N L G I E N N A

  • CantMoveOn

    Level 165 — 4 Pics 2 Words

    4 letters — dog (w/c looks like) pushing the door and a guy holding the door – both slightly opened
    2 letters — people looking up (i think this is obviously up)
    P X M D H U F G S L T I L K U J

    Please help!

  • Aaron


  • bevo

    Looks like a watchtower in the snow, a roof I think or blue sky, a spotted deer and spotted hyena txtndobparcigjls. Any help please, thank you x

  • SUZY


  • SUZY


  • Angie


  • rabi

    first 2 pics are farm related i think… Then in other 2 pics there are two cats… – – – -, – – – – – –
    level 30…
    alphabets are TAFNDHAMMLSQAIRA

  • rabi

    Couch potato

  • rabi

    tree house

  • JSG

    Glad to help out.

  • marcotheking

    Thanks maaan ๐Ÿ˜€

  • JSG

    Some kind of dried/cured meat like a sausage or Salami but you don’t give all the letter clues so it’s hard to say more.

  • JSG

    Gas Pedal (sounds like flower petal)

  • Araminta Kinbrough

    Toy box

  • Araminta Kinbrough

    Could it be….lamp post

  • Shahrukh


  • hanna

    tree house

  • YOLO

    Level 72, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YOLO

    1st 2 pics related are of lamps and the in the other two, there is a sticky note and a goal type thingy ๐Ÿ˜› _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ letters are L,M,P,A,E,Z,T,P,O,A,S,J,D,M,T

  • marcotheking

    first two pictures are related to gas, second two are bed with tulips and legs controling bike, don’t know the second word. can u help me? lvl 105
    Thanks :)

  • Kitty

    a boat, a home near the sea, and the other two pics are fruit trees
    _ _ _ _ Fruit

  • help

    level nine. _o_ box letters W Q D S T R T V E I Y I

  • raisa

    1&2 pic ppl mashing wit their legs in big baskets 3&4 mince cuming out of a grinder and a barren land wit a lot of cracks..??

  • Gina Meilati

    thankyou :)

  • Broski

    Skinny dip

  • Broski

    Side order

  • JSG

    Snake Oil?

  • JSG

    Couch Potato.

  • Gina Meilati

    the top pics: sofa chair with pillow (right pic color is white, left pic color is red), bottom pics: potatoes. C _ _ _ _ POTATO.
    the left letters are K R H A C U Y U O

  • JSG

    Any letters available? First word – second word? Is Santa on phone a pic or in the same pic with animated girl? Please give more info.

  • lee

    there are 200 question.i completed all these.i love this game

  • shriya

    First two pictures is are related to snake. The other pics are frm 3 letters.. One of them is like 3 diff coloured tank

    Q h u z a z i l m s o c a e n
    Level no. 142

  • lee

    pile up

  • lounader

    santa and animated girl talking on mobile and the other 2 pic are vegetables plates with dips anyone solved this level?

  • Nany

    lady resting on elbow, dice, old books and row of small statues

  • JSG

    Have never seen this game so …is each pic a State Map?

  • JSG

    Leading Question.

  • JSG

    Pine Away.

  • lyndilou

    4 pics 2 words …. four maps? 1st word 5 letters 2nd word 3 letters. Letters are TTFAREPAQGKEGSXM


    4 pics 2 words…. top 2 pics… colored pegs in a sway and a black figure person on an arrow bottom 2 pics… a young child raising their hand and a pic of a question mark key on a keyboard… first word 7 letters second word 8 letters….. letters to use DLGNIELQAINTSEUO

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.good.58 Sarah Good

    top two pics are pine and pineapple. Two bottom pics on left footprints in the sand on right danger keep away sign. PINE _ _ _Y LETTERS ARE S A G N O A O J W L T

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.good.58 Sarah Good

    Pile up

  • brycem

    _ _ _ E
    Top pics are stack of books with one on top spread open, and stack of logs stack like the game jango. Words are c,a,p,k,x,i,t,c,w,o,sl,v

  • JSG

    You need to give the # of blanks and describe the pics. There are over 150 words that fit your clue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.fowler.71271 David Fowler

    letters are b, s, p, o, t, n,d,i,g,j,l,a,r,x,t