Answers for Pictoword: 2 Pics, What’s the 1 Word by Kooapps

Here you will find a game walkthrough forPictoword: 2 Pics, What’s the 1 Word? for iPhone and Android. This walkthrough features a complete list of answers that will help you, if you are stuck on a picture. There are currently 104 words/levels for this game.

This game is super fun! You’ll get two pictures and you need to combine them to find the answer.
For example a hand + a dog shaking = handshake!

The list is being compiled atm, and words are being added everyday!

If you can’t find the word below, please leave a comment with description of the pictures and the letters you can choose from + lenght of word. Then we will do our best to supply you with the answer.

A hand + a wet dog shaking. 9 Letters. ahknirenhagds.
Then we’ll give you the answer: Handshake. Easy, right?

We will then provide you with the answer and update the post. Thank you.

The easiets way to find the word you are looking for, is to to use the following command in your browser:

Keyboard browser shortcut:
Safari = Command (cmd) + F
Chrome = Control (Ctrl) + F
Firefox = Ctrl + F
IE = Ctrl + F

After using the shortcut key you can search for keywords associated with the picture. In this way you can hopefully find the answer.

The pictures are showing in random order, so to make it easier, the words are sorted by length:

3 letter words

4 letter words

5 letter words

6 letter words
Hotdog – Fire + Dog
Jigsaw – Jig dance + Saw
Layoff – Man laying down + Off button
Pencil – Pen + Sill

7 letter words
Airfare – Sky + Fair
Beanbag – Beans + bags
Cockpit – Cock + nuts (pits)
Corndog – Corn + dog
Earring – Ear + Ring
Kingpin – Chess piece + Bowling pins
Manhole – Man + hole
Webmail – Web + Mailbox

8 letter words
Alphabet – Alpha sign + (casino) bet
Football – Foot + Tennis ball
Jumprope – Jump + Rope
Lipstick – Lips + USB stick
Mischief – Miss USA + Indian chief
Railroad – Rail + road
Sandwich – Sand + Witch
Suitcase – Suit + Briefcase

9 letter words
Corkscrew – Cork + Screw
Database – Data sheets + Baseball base
Handshake – Hand + Wet dog shaking
Jellyfish – Glasses with jelly + a fish
Submarine – Sandwich (sub) + Marine guys.

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  • Jerice


  • Hope

    Super late, but answer is”whiten”

  • Mary


  • Mary


  • Gea

    Try miss chief

  • Gea

    Help now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gea


  • Gea

    A man in a bed + egel =? Please help

  • Steph

    Please help

  • Daddy vero

    Never it was million

  • Daddy vero

    Windmill + lion help please

  • GJ

    Nevermind. I figured it out. Door way. “Weigh”

  • GJ

    Door + grocery store food scale

  • Glory-Joy


  • Glory-Joy

    ill and eagle = illegal

  • Sam

    Plant & clothes Pins with the coloured heads
    6 letters 8

  • ru

    Miss usa and Indian chief. Help please. Stuck on this one

  • Te


  • Sey


  • Sey

    A man lying in bed and a bird. Please help.

  • Mao

    Lemon + small rock line to go up

  • hadassah

    its overnight

  • Amber


  • eagle

    never mind

  • eagle

    a person jumping over a bar like in the olympics and a skyline of a city with water

  • meg


  • Iman

    A judge book and cards

  • Me

    It’s soft serve ice cream. The answer is softball.

  • BooThang


  • Chris

    Bowl and cup/ An ace and a 10 of spades, 6 letters.

  • LittleLottie


  • fartygirl


  • Chris Francis


  • MRBrad

    Letters are G, G, O, T, O, I,T,E, N, H, R, V, and K

  • MRBrad

    9 letter word Long jump, pole vault, or hurdle and the city at night with some water in between where the picture was taken and the city

  • YM


  • CherryWine

    7 letter word, a lady’s bent knee and the cap to Cannon camera lense

  • Brandy

    What is it?

  • Marian


  • Aok23

    Throw pillow + man holding his head in pain. 9 letters

  • sandeep

    camera + phone = ?

  • Mary Espejo


  • Jacob

    A black car and some rocks on by a large body of water(possibly ocean)

  • boogieguajardo

    Gold lady on life magazine + three Turkish military men facing a monument. 9 letters

  • CeeCee Longoria


  • Danie

    7 letters yard picture and cracked dirt picture

  • Candy

    Hi , I stuck with the number 105 : 10 letters

    A man s face with some water on and a chain of strip Color shirts.

  • Twizz


  • Amanda


  • Devanai Naidoo

    Teacup,some money on a table +a bun or bread roll.7 letters.

  • Devanai Naidoo


  • Bre Van Patten

    Baby chewing on toy + rose.
    Food category.
    Letters: R O T C I U T S G R H R S

  • Lynz22

    Soap and graph 7 letters

  • Jennifer Wilkerson


  • Jennifer

    I’m stuck it’s a camera it looks like and a bingo board with the numbers 22-33 every other one is red and 26, 28, and 30 are covered its a 8 letter word and the letters you have to chose from are w,w,h,a,t,p,l,a,o,a,b,e,a . Please help

  • Meow

    A judges book and some cards?

  • Charmy


  • Charmy

    Its spacebar

  • Bill

    I’m stuck on one with a planet and a bar!! Anyone know the answer????

  • titi


  • Angie


  • Else

    A old white building+ a salt shaker
    6 letters

  • Else

    A lady jumping a high jump+ city skyline at night
    9 letters

  • Ren


  • Nigeria

    A lady jumping over something and the view of a city

  • Michelle Lynn DiMauro

    A persons holding an ice cream cone+ a ball pit. Length is 8 words and the letters are G F L B S L T U N Q A O

  • Logan

    Cost + tomb = costume. This took me FOREVER!

  • Dude

    Hey am stock on one with a lady ( or dude ) is jumping over a rope thingy and a city can you please help me out?

  • Becky

    Fruit stand and cemetery picutres, 7 words, words available- ESSXUOCMLETVH

  • jordan


  • jordan


  • Ummadits

    looks like a fruit stand and a mausoleum

  • sandy

    strange orange symbol almost like half of a infinity sign + a bingo board

  • Alicia Evans


  • Alicia Evans


  • Alicia Evans


  • mary

    I have the cheats for pictoword2 words but the answer to it is not here…. and the the pics are a jumper and water and the letters are traviehgnjok

  • mary

    I got the cheats for Pictoword2 but the answer for the one im stuck on is not here

  • mary

    how do I fine the answer for pictoword 2 pics

  • Mariah

    Yard and cracks

  • Lexi

    its jackpot I figured it out

  • Lexi

    the very end of headphones (like the plug part) + a vase
    7 letters, the letters are: ZJEBPCKTOATKO

  • Azzy

    Sleeves and a tack???

  • Azzy


  • nicole

    ban sign and a women in a dress. 6 letters dobmceoujayn

  • Camille

    A man on a horse with grey protectiob+ a poney with his mom.9 letters.htmiryniaweog.

  • bryan

    A lion and windmill anybody on pitoword im stuck

  • Diana

    The first picture is a camera with an A or something and the second picture is a bingo game and is 8 words long. The letters available:LUJBPEATAAHTI

  • Ashley Wegener

    the pictures are an old typewriter and a red head with her glasses on her nose
    6 letters

  • Jen

    Book and deck of cards?

  • JSG


  • JSG


  • JSG


  • Me

    Three pieces of soap and a graph chart. 7 letters. maxgrafbenwix

  • Zelda Silvey


  • Zelda Silvey


  • sadie

    Conductor and an instrument
    9 letters

  • Patti King


  • Patti King

    Park and rusty bolts, 8 letters essiemnumttr

  • Patti King

    Old typewriter and a woman looking over her glasses, 6 letters. Otehruareage

  • Patti King

    8 letters

  • Patti King

    Meadow or park and rusty bolts? Help

  • dndpaints


  • Selin

    Traffic light and garlic

  • JSG


  • Millie

    Looks like a horizon or sunset + lion 7 letter:tropsxlajien

  • Milliebird

    Looks horizon or sunset + lion 7 letters tropsxlajien

  • Dits

    Internet wire and a clock

  • JSG


  • JSG


  • JSG

    Tree – seed of an oak tree plus time becomes the tree. Lame – yes.

  • JSG


  • JSG

    Beta looks like a fancy b or B – the inverted horseshoe letter is called Omega and it is an international car name brand. Not seeing how it forms a single word though. Pi – Lot = Pilot works if the Greek letter is somehow neither Beta nor Omega but Pi.

  • Gerta Mehmetllari

    Army man and building please if you know the answer comment it

  • nini

    Acorn + hourglass
    4 letters I just can’t think of anything, help it is frustrating my daughters and me

  • naomi

    ruler + path

    8 letter word: TATFURSWXOPUOH

  • Merve

    Lightbulb is the answer

  • Merve

    Yeah I ended up figuring it out but thanks so much!!

  • Melissa

    I went to another site and figured this out…It’s so dumb!!
    HEIR for the price and PLAIN for the buffalo scene.
    I told you it was dumb!!!!

  • Melissa

    I’ve been stuck on this one for a few days now! I cannot figure it out, but I know it starts with an A

  • Melissa

    I think this one is CANNOT

  • Merve

    A case of soda and a knot in a rope

  • Keri Reyes


  • Harry

    Traffic light and garlic

  • Amino

    I have a beta sign I think (the one that looks kinda like a horseshoe) and then a bunch of cars in a parking lot

  • Amibo


  • Rachael Dance


  • Ral

    A paper and book

  • jema

    Prince + bufferlos

    8 letters

  • Tina

    Potluck is the answer

  • Smiles

    A pot and some shamrocks

  • Lily

    Level 39 9letters not sure what first pic lol second a cream phone. :s any help please

  • Emma

    Snow or ice and a golf tee level 75 help

  • Umah

    High jump and skyline/night

  • Emma

    Cracked it was SimplyRed

  • Emz

    blackboard with adding numbers and blank red board level 69

  • Dannielle

    Space bar

  • Lily

    Planets and a bar
    I think :s

  • Nicole Hodges

    I have a walnut and a sandtimer

  • Jessi


  • Kylie

    I’ve got a windmill and a lion

  • Bloatedhouse

    Post your questions here :)