Can you keep old BBM Pin when switching to iPhone or Android?

BBM for Android and iOS now available
Many people ask if they can keep the same BBM PIN when switching to iPhone and what can you do. When you switch from BlackBerry smartphone to a new device like iPhone or Android, you will be assigned a new PIN for BBM.
That means your old BlackBerry Curve 8900 PIN is assigned uniquely to that device, and is not movable. But you can use your old BlackBerryID email on the new device.

  • Anndzn

    I have blackberry 9220 before and i switched to iphone. It has data plan. I can still use its unlimited call and txt, but my question is.. Can i use bb chat 99 plan to the new bbm iphone app? It seems that it needs wifi, and it doesnt recognize that i have data plan for blackberry chat.