Guess The 90’s Level 1 Answers

guess the 90's
Looking for solutions for the first level of the game Guess the 90’s level 1 by Conversion, LLC? We got those 10 answers for you right here. So if you need help or are just looking for a way to cheat, this is the place to look. In this game you’ll see an image of something related to the 90’s.
It can be everything from a celebrity to a TV Show or maybe even just some items that were hot in the 90’s.
So have fun!

Level 1-1: Full House
Level 1-2: Pogs
Level 1-3: Silly Putty
Level 1-4: Boombox
Level 1-5: Curly Sue
Level 1-6: Rugrats
Level 1-7: NSync
Level 1-8: Slap Bracelets
Level 1-9: Britney Spears
Level 1-10: Beanie Babies

If you didn’t pick this game up yet, do it! It’s free from AppStore for your iPhone or iPad and can be downloaded by clicking the below image.
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