Icon Pop Song – Level 6 Answers 104-127

We bring you answers for Icon Pop Song – Level 6 Answers #104 – #127 by GameCliche.com. The app is created by Alegrium. This is a very addicting and amusing game, where you guess the song that is playing. It’s all accoustic versions of famous songs, so it can be a bit difficult to recognize. So if you are stuck on a level, the solutions below will help you.

The levels are random on each smartphone, but the answers will guide and help you.

Icon Pop Song – Level 6 Answers 104-127:

Answer Level 104 Artist Backstreet Boys
Answer Level 105 Artist Chris Brown
Answer Level 106 Artist Fun
Answer Level 107 Artist Eminem
Answer Level 108 Artist Flo Rida
Answer Level 109 Artist Guns ‘N Roses
Answer Level 110 Artist Jay Z
Answer Level 111 Artist Led Zeppelin
Answer Level 112 Artist Michael Jackson
Answer Level 113 Artist Queen
Answer Level 114 Artist Robbie Williams
Answer Level 115 Artist Santana
Answer Level 116 Artist Sugar Ray
Answer Level 117 Artist Taio Cruz
Answer Level 118 Song title Daylight
Answer Level 119 Song title E.T
Answer Level 120 Song title More than words
Answer Level 121 Song title Need you now
Answer Level 122 Song title One
Answer Level 123 Song title Part of me
Answer Level 124 Song title Rocketeer
Answer Level 125 Song title Teenage dream
Answer Level 126 Song title To be with you
Answer Level 127 Song title Wide awake
  • Blah Blah

    Hey I got one which isn’t on there all I know is this: _ _ _ _ _t- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Does anyone know?
    Here is a better pic of it

  • Anonomous


  • Murrejb

    all levels are random on each phone, so the walkthrough should give you a hint :)

  • Murrejb

    the levels are random, so no correct order. Bu t the answers should give you a hint

  • Cassidy

    I cant find mine they have the right answers in the wrong order

  • NickNickNick22

    E.T. isn’t an artist. it’s a song by Katy Perry.