Icon Pop Song – Level 7 Answers 128-145

We bring you answers for Icon Pop Song – Level 7 Answers #128 – #145 by GameCliche.com. The app is created by Alegrium. This is a very addicting and amusing game, where you guess the song that is playing. It’s all accoustic versions of famous songs, so it can be a bit difficult to recognize. So if you are stuck on a level, the solutions below will help you.

The levels are random on each smartphone, but the answers will guide and help you.

Icon Pop Song – Level 7 Answers 128-145:

Answer Song #128 Artist Adele
Answer Song #129 Artist Aerosmith
Answer Song #130 Artist Bon Jovi
Answer Song #131 Artist Bruno Mars
Answer Song #132 Artist Eric Clapton
Answer Song #133 Artist George Michael
Answer Song #134 Artist Rihanna
Answer Song #135 Artist Selena Gomez
Answer Song #136 Artist Home
Answer Song #137 Song title Domino
Answer Song #138 Song title
Answer Song #139 Song title Like a G6
Answer Song #140 Song title My humps
Answer Song #141 Song title No air
Answer Song #142 Song title Scream & Shout
Answer Song #143 Song title Sexy back
Answer Song #144 Song title Stay
Answer Song #145 Song title Viva la Vida
  • Addicted to this game

    Waka Waka by Shakira is the blank one.

  • Hello123

    The blank one is That Power.

  • amazing person

    this is stupid

  • Check yoself.

    Actually Home is a song title, sung by Michael Bublé.

  • Murrejb

    thanks just fixed it :)

  • Mm

    Omg home is a band not a title

  • Shmshmshmsh

    It already has Bruno mars

  • binbinpanda

    the black is suppose to be a song, which is missing – Waka Waka.

  • blackmusician

    its bruno mars for the blank one