Kick the Boss 2 – Ways to beat your Boss Walkthrough Guide!

This page is dedicated to help you find solutions and help for the game “Kick the Boss 2″ for Andoid and iPhone. Tell us you funniest or favorite way to kick the Boss. There are more than 80+ weapons to help you achieve the gold. Leave a comment and help others get inspired by your way of getting sweet vengeance on the Boss.

Game info:
The Boss is back and ready to make your life a living hell. But you’re not the same good guy taking orders anymore. You’ve been granted the power to take sweet vengeance on this tyrannical boss. Backed by an arsenal of dangerous weapons, kick the boss with magical forces, lethal guns and deadly blades. Let him PAY THE PRICE of messing with the wrong guy.
Kick the Boss 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original title. With 16 million downloads to date; it strives to better what made the first one a hit in every possible way. The simple controls remain the same but it offers new art, weapons, stages, sound effects, and enhanced gameplay. This is not a good game; it’s a freaking awesome one! Why?
✪ Laugh your butt off funny: These aren’t jokes for your grandma.
✪ Physics Simulated: Get a satisfying reaction to all your intense beating
✪ Premium Weapons: 80+ all new skull cracking, bone breaking, nerve-racking weapons.
✪ New Town Map: 7 interactive stages, each with their own bosses and secrets to discover.
✪ New way to play: Funny player objectives and premium rewards.
✪ Free to play: Get every weapons in-game absolutely FREE! Money shouldn’t limit you experience.

Gameplay video of How to Kick the Boss 2

Please leave a comment and tell us your favorite way to KICK YOUR BOSS!
Then we can gather up the different ways to beat him :)

  • Marley

    Throw the football in the air and tilt your device so it doesn’t hit an object

  • krstn

    flippers are not weapons, they’re the ones that is used in the game even steven i think, its like the one you used for pinballs (the computer game) just drag the money to the game even steven and it will show up, you just need to push those two buttons which will make the boss jump to the ring ang will complete your objective like that

  • Janeya Strother

    How do I beat the park stage

  • jamiro

    Touch it

  • jamiro


  • jamiro

    When youre have the level and coins to gwt out if there

  • michael

    How do i get out of the classroom

  • Cam

    They’re weapons that need to be bought, under the tab with the axe symbol. Place them and then get the mouse to come out.

  • Cam

    Select Fire spell and hold down until three balls appear. Then quickly switch to Ice Spell and tap in middle. Takes a couple of tries, but the result is worth it.

  • Carmen Credeur

    Where can i find the bear trap to kill the mouse in the restraunt…


    Have you figured it out yet? I’m stuck on that one too. The hydrant keeps sliding off.


    I found the easiest way is to stick him in the hoop in the arcade and he will start crying. If he doesn’t, either shoot him or beat him and he’ll start crying.


    How do you dunk the balls with flippers? I’ve been looking for them in my weapons list and can’t seem to find any. Please help.

  • thedragonman

    Oh and where is the tomb?

  • thedragonman

    How do u open the tomb to get spike out to feed him?

  • Michael

    How do i put balloons on each of his limbs

  • josephjjjj

    Make some sandcastles in the park, then flick the sand from them into his face

  • russell

    he pick them up

  • russell

    kill him

  • Cyborgebolt Mecha

    Just did it. Turns out, you dont need to buy the sports balls. What you need to do is wait for that random basketball to respawn in the middle. When you shoot, have one finger on the boss holding him in the opposite corner so he doesnt mess u up. You need to shoot the hoop 3 times without failing. If the ball doesnt respawn, shoot a gun everywhere. It will spawn eventualy. P.S. the hoop can holdthe boss like the trashcan and swing

  • Cyborgebolt Mecha

    Crowbar.cheapest way

  • Cyborgebolt Mecha

    You either have grenades explode neer it or you shoot neer it with a gun

  • Cyborgebolt Mecha

    Just take mines and place them over each other like your spamming them till you got it

  • Cyborgebolt Mecha

    You have to use your coins to turn on the arcade games. The games have things tht affect the boss but tur them on one at a time.

  • Josh

    How to make the football spin for ten seconds?

  • Goof

    Buy the liquor bottles and shoot them

  • joel

    make the boss laugh until they throw up

  • Hayden

    How do you put a weapon away

  • yOngmulaa

    How do i even get into the hallway on iphone?

  • Elldaa

    How do i turn on the game automats in the arcade?

  • Derp

    Buy food by making a line from your money to the menu in the middle and buy a lot till he blows up

  • paleolit

    How do i sink a basket 3 times in a row? I tried with sports balls, but it just does not work…

  • siddy

    dont worry any more we found it on wiki

  • siddy

    how do you over feed the boss

  • siddy

    thx that realy helped my friend

  • matt

    How do I nut shot using the gauntlet

  • anonymous

    Hold him over the tomb like you do with the boss

  • anonymous

    Use the foam finger,Crowbar(hypnotize)

  • Derp Herpinson

    The owl at the haunted house shoots beams from time to time.Let the boss grt hit by those.Or,hit the boss with the crowbar multiple times

  • anonymous

    The owl is on the tree at the haunted house.Use an upgraded foam finger

  • Christopher W. Alexander

    U don’t throw them. The boss does. If u time ur click just right when he throws them at u they will fly back at him. U need to have the seafood shop unlocked

  • Christopher W. Alexander

    He’s in the the high school in the locker with the raptor sign. U need a key to get into it though

  • Christopher W. Alexander

    Go to the playground and click on the beach pail. Click it 4 more times to make 4 piles. Grab the boss and drag him through them all in one shot

  • Christopher W. Alexander

    Click on the cracked tile in the bottom of the fast food counter. Then beat the boss up by the hole and click on the mouse when his head pops up

  • Christopher W. Alexander

    Use the disc blaster instead . Took me a while to figure that one out

  • dc

    how do u save the nerd

  • michel

    how i hit all 4 sand piles with one swing??

  • Michael

    How do u put spikle in the tomb?

  • Leahhalvorson211

    How do I throw fish in the seafood shop?

  • hammad

    in target practice in which you should shoot the liqour bottle, where can i find them?

  • hammad

    how do i get mouse out of the hole?

  • Upaiyapus Rochanavibhata

    Hold finger with fire spell to make fire ball loop then quickly swap to ice magic and tap in middle of fire loop

  • player

    How do I shoot liquor bottles with guns?

  • Marco Cagata

    Live To Die Another Day. Shoot the fusion pistol for 10 sec and take no damage!!! HOW!!!!!!

  • playing now

    drag your finger from the coin amount down to the register on the right until the objective has been complete

  • playing now

    use 2 torches side by side and place boss in the middle

  • playing now

    select the football and start at the top of the screen and pull your finger down

  • kfarina99

    how do i make football spin for ten seconds

  • Sapphire

    First hold the fire spell then use the ice spell in the middle of the fire spell

  • emily su

    Does anyone know how to keep the boss spinning in the air for 5 seconds with the spinning torch?

  • emily su

    I was stuck on that too, but now I know how to do it, first make a circle with your finger doing the fire spell, then quickly open up the menu and grab the ice spell, aim it right inside that spinning circle! Good luck!

  • Myrlyn

    How do i make the owl laugh? Also where is the owl?

  • Tracie Marble

    Keep dropping the mouse traps when the mouse is out till it lands on it.

  • Tracie Marble

    You go to the classroom and open the jar of frogs by tapping on it and drag the frogs onto the boss repeatedly till he dies.

  • tracie

    I cant get my fire and ice spell to mix they go away to quickly for me to get it to work. Anyone have an idea?

  • joseph

    How do i kill the boss with a frog?

  • Hp

    How do you trap the mouse with the bear trap

  • _imajerk02

    Laugh so hard: buy foam finger and tickle him. Hallway: shoot paintball or throw chalk eraser on lockers. Right group has bell and other side, the nerd.

  • Gemma Hebbron

    Build a sandcastle by tapping on the bucket then swipe across the sandcastle with your finger on phone towards the boss.

  • Trizz

    How do you make the boss laugh so hard he vomits and how do I ring the bell in the. Hallway ohhhh and how do I save the nerd in the hallway

  • Trizz

    Pepper spray

  • Klpryde

    Go to the haunted house stage and the owl will hypnotize him

  • Selah

    How Do You Turn On The Power In The Arcade

  • spywear

    how do flick the sand to boss?

  • mary ann

    You make sand casltles at the park and tap.the tire swing

  • Carter

    Pepper spray

  • Carter

    You have to buy the hallway for 10000 coins

  • Ken

    How do u save the nerd at the hall way

  • jamal

    How do you ring the bell in hallway?

  • Rurik

    How do you feed the boss

  • nathan hatton

    how do i make the boss cry??

  • nathan

    how do i break the glass in the halls??

  • Ryan

    Hit him with the crowd bar to hypnotize him..

    How do you make the baskets in the arcade? Does the ball just appear at random?

  • Itachi72hr

    What is the easiest way to get the basket ball in the hoop at the video game arcades?

  • Itachi72hr

    Does anybody know how to hypnotize him?

  • Itachi72hr

    Use light bulbs, liquor bottles, pots, etc.

  • Daris

    How do u get into the hallway???

  • Tristen Clairmont

    Touch the sushi as it goes flying at the screen then touch the boss. Try to think fast or you’ll miss.

  • CackerJack

    how do u hypnotize the boss and how do u throw the two sushis
    on him as well

  • Josh

    Get the foam finger and upgrade it. I had to kill the boss with it three times before he finally barfed

  • Itachi72hr

    How do I hypnotize him? And I know how to make him laugh buy using a BB gun, but how do I make him barf from laughing?

  • Itachi72hr

    When you see the tentacle drag it to his head and let go.

  • gavin

    I need help with the goal with the octopus I no where it isbut I can’t throw it

  • someone

    Get liquor bottles and throw a bunch on the ground.

  • angel

    I need help with the objective create lots of shards

  • Christian

    Deep fry the Boss is fun!!
    To deep fry the boss you hold him right in front of the deep fryer in the fast food restaurant