One Clue All Level Answers sorted Alphabetically

Hawaii – Island Paradise
Heat – To Make Warm
Heimlich – Move To Save A Life
Hello – Common Greeting
Highjump – Often Ends In Flop
Highrise – Building With Lots Of Stories
Holiday – Day Off From Work
Home – Where The Heart Is
Horse – Naysayer
Hulk – Don’T Make Him Angry
humerus – A Funny Bone
Hunger – Crave Food

Igloo – Snowy Shelter
Internet – Packets Travel Here
Ironman – Hero With A Shell

Jack – Giant Killer
Jackson – Walker Of The Moon
Jedi – Force Is Strong In Him
Joker – Batman’s Nemesis
Joust – Knightly Affair
Jukebox – Needs A Quarter To Play
Jungle – Where The Wild Things Are

Kangaroo – Jumping Animal
Karate – Japanese Martial Art
Key – Car Starter
Kilt – Scottish Skirt For Men
Kimchee – Korean Pickle
Kingkong – Great Ape
Kitchen – Room For Cooking
Kite – Blows In The Wind

Laser – Intense Light
Laughter – Can Be The Best Medicine
Layup – Easy Basketball Shot
League – D Be Major, Minor Or National
Left – Opposite Of Right
Library – House Of Books
Licorice – Black Candy
Lion – Royal Cat
Lipstick – Makeup For The Mouth
Lobster – Crustacean Pincher
Lollipop – Candy On A Stick
London – Big Ben Locale

Macaroni – Tubed Pasta
Magic – Mystical Power
Malaria – Jungle Fever
Maple – Tapped For Syrup
Martini – Bond’D Favorite Drink
Mascara – Runs When You Cry
Matches – Don’T Play With Them
Mayor – Works At City Hall
Methane – Global Warmings Gas
Milk – Mustache Maker
Minions – Villain’S Helper
Minivan – Suburban Transport
Mint – Breath Saver
Minus – A Dash In Math
Minute – 1440 In A Day
Mirror – Allows One To Reflect
Monalisa – Famous Masterpiece
Monkey – Jungle Denizen
Moon – Night Light
Mosquito – Annoying Blood Sucker
Mouse – Pest Or Peripheral
Movie – Flick In The Dark
Mud – Water and Dirt
Mud – Water And Dirt
Mule – Stubborn One
Mummy – Mom In Bandages
Muscles – Body Builder’S Strength
Musket – Revolutionary Weapon

One Clue: #-C
One Clue: D-G
One Clue: H-M
One Clue: O-S
One Clue: T-Z

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  • Mindy

    One clue- what is an 8 letter word – lawmakers starts with a C other letters are – c r o s s a a n e w o g

  • kiley

    Often twisted…5 letters ???L?

  • mave

    Pleased to eat you – second letter is A. Eight letters. Letters are: ILONLYAABZNC

  • caroline

    one clue what makes a lot of cents

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    What is an 8 letter word for “chrome or office” that starts with a s