What’s the Word Game Answers (Random Salad Games LLC)

I have made this post for people looking for a place to submit questions and answers for this popular game for Windows Phone. Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows Phone myself, because I use an Android device, but can anyone tell me if the levels are random or fixed on each Album? As far as I can see there are currently 9 Albums featuring 192 puzzles to complete.

The following list of answers will be updated when solutions are provided in the comments below. So please leave a comment if you have any solved levels. thanks!

What’s the Word Game Answers Album 1-9:

Album #1 – Answers 1-12:

Album #2 – Answers 1-16:

Album #3 – Answers 1-20:

Album #4 – Answers 1-24:

Album #5 – Answers 1-24:

Album #6 – Answers 1-24:

Album #7 – Answers 1-24:

Album #8 – Answers 1-24:

Album #9 – Answers 1-24:

Please help us make this thread active, so people can help each other :)


    I got it, CRAFT
    Please help with album 7 level 13


    Album 7 level 6 .. I need this, pls help

  • meee

    level 9 22nd?

  • meee

    level 9 22nd one?

  • meee


  • Kane75

    draft :)

  • Murrejb

    by helping out :)

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  • sweety bawaria

    a radio,a girl filling gas in a car,a train and a mobile tower..please help me with this…

  • Toothless

    um..Album 4 and level 15.Can someone pls help me?

  • maggie

    I’ve been looking for this…I really do need the tips!

  • ll

    paper beer bikes and army -”DrAFT”

  • Sibongile Shongwe

    album 2 – not a walk in the park. Fun though.

  • Ahmed

    @sar…m draft

  • sar

    paper beer bikes and army 5 letter word and your given R F V D T A A D B E R T driving me nuts please help

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    Just leave your comment here :)