Windows 8 apps are pending and never download from Windows Store

Here is the solution to this annoying problem. Go to troubleshooting (press Windows key+W > then type troubleshooting). A new window will open on your desktop –> Click “fix problems with Windows updates” –> Click next. Windows will search for solutions, but it wont find anything. then windows will ask if you want to try in administrator mode, click yes. Windows will find and solve the problem for you. The problem should now have been fixed automatically.

  • shivam gupta

    still its showing same

  • Abdoice

    you should run as administrator

  • Sam JHP

    Oh you’re so smart! You must be an Engineer or something :) Thanks!

  • mattey

    press ctrl alt del go to services you will see the app store has stopped start up all app services again there is a couple to start running again its just a glitch this will def fix it 100%

  • NeerajOR

    I missed something. After I restarted my computer, the problem persists. All the downloads are still pending.

  • NeerajOR

    The trick doesn’t work for me. I did this, as you told. After troubleshooting, when I launched Store, it told me to restart my computer in order to install updates and use Store. I’ve not downloaded any updates. Also, my Windows Update setting is “Never download updates automatically”.

  • pads23

    @d9df42ed95c8be632735073149d18214:disqus it was acces denied

  • Fenn M Allen

    Awesome! Worked like a charm and Easy to do. THANK YOU!



  • john

    if you have problems with store apps pending then run cmd as administrator and use following commands press enter after each one

    net stop wuauserv

    cd windows

    rename SoftWareDistribution SoftWareDistribution.bck

    net start wuauserv

  • Mike

    Sorted the problem without having to install dodgy software or remove anything.